Debi’s Story

I grew up a small town girl who always wanted to be a big city girl. The first 21 years of my life were in rural America, west Texas to be exact, in a magical little valley in the high desert of Texas called Alpine, where I spent the school year.  During the summers, I would spend a big part of my time on my grandparent’s cotton farm in the south plains of Texas.  The era of my childhood included three television channels that went off the air before midnight, and one local AM radio station that was off the air at 6pm, so I spent a great deal of time daydreaming about being a big city girl - specifically being Marsha Brady's sister and growing up and marrying Donny Osmond.  Or maybe being a news girl like Mary Tyler Moore. But, being the realistic planner that I am, I had a backup plan in the event that didn't work out - and in the event my grandfather needed me - which would be to live with him on his farm growing cotton and watermelons, and maybe working part time at the Dairy Queen so I could make beautiful ice cream cones with the perfect little curly-q on top. My grandfather was very special to me - and I would have been perfectly fine living with him forever, driving around in his pickup truck "checkin' cotton." To this day I still find moments where his influence is shining down on me.  I miss him terribly.
So in my assumptions of the big city life in which I was certain I was destined, I also assumed it would involve a man (again, preferably Donny Osmond) who of course would provide my fantastic uptown lifestyle.  And then, when the time was right, this perfect man that was providing my wonderful city life would soon provide the perfect house in the suburbs that we would fill up with lots of children and a fat Persian cat and big lazy dog.  Possibly even a parakeet.  

Well, NEWSFLASH! It didn’t happen that way at all (except for the living in the big city part)…

After college I became a career girl.  Who knew!  I had earned a degree but not a man.  And the funny thing is, I enjoyed my career life.  I liked being self-sufficient and providing my own uptown lifestyle, sans the man.  But then, when I least expected it, the man entered my life.  Of course by then I was well into my 30’s and into my career in the city.  It was all good though, as he was also a business guy and totally understood my drive.  But – sometimes when you get a little too much drive and forget to slow down, you wake up one day and realize DANG! I’m getting old and still haven’t started on all those children... 

But when you try, nothing happens.  

And then you and your man decide that perhaps it is time to get back to your rural roots and slow down a bit.  You hope that getting out of the city will make you whole again and that you can fill up an old farmhouse with kids and chickens and dogs.  

We searched for years and finally found our perfect spot in the Texas Hill Country.  Getting to the country certainly made us whole again, but not any younger.  I ended up losing my fertility to breast cancer, but throughout all of that many other wonderful things happened.  

We planted several acres of lavender, for no reason other than to possibly participate in some farmer’s markets and offer ‘cut your own’ bundles to the public.   Unbeknownst to us, those brilliant little lavender flowers we grew ended up providing inspiration far beyond our dreams at the time.  We never had a grand plan for it, but due to those flowers and my unexpected illness, our farm evolved into a bath & body care business.  

So in a nutshell, I spent the first 20 years of my life kicking and screaming wanting to be a big city girl, and then the next 20 years being a big city girl only to realize (without the kicking and screaming part) that I needed to get back to my small town roots.  Life does come full circle.  

It has been a wonderful journey of hits and misses - and there is so much more to come. I hope you will continue to follow me on my adventures here at Hummingbird Farms.

P.S. Several people ask about the name ‘Lavender Chick’ and where it came from.  Years ago, when we were just beginning our bath & body business, I was delivering some lavender lotion to a small retail store in the hill country.  As I was walking out I heard someone ask, "Who is that?"  The whispered response:  “She’s that Lavender Chick that makes the lotion.”

Debi’s Story