An Accidental Meeting

Monday, August 29th, 2016

First trip to QVC, 5/18/15.

Driving up to QVC Studios on 5/18/15.  First Time.   

So as I am sitting here watching QVC, I am a little bummed that I was delayed in making a decision to order an Isaac Mizrahi moto jacket.  Just as I clicked 'submit order' I got the dreaded SOLD OUT message.  You would think I would learn after 20 years of QVC shopping to not him-haw around ...  

But - the purpose of this post is to tell you about the "phone call" that changed everything for us.  The phone call that still feels like a dream.  The phone call that makes you realize there really is a higher power and that someone IS watching out for you.  It was March 2015 and Jackie from the lab where we have our formulas blended and bottled for quality control called and said she just wanted to give me a heads up, and that she hoped I didn't mind, but that an agent from QVC had contacted her looking for a bath & body company with a good story and she mentioned my name.

Now I have to preface this y'all.  

You see, we were small potatoes at this lab.  In fact, we might possibly have been this lab's smallest client.  They have over 600 customers, most of which are very large national and even international clients. It really was by happenstance that I even met Jackie, a vice president at the lab, since she is usually busy with the big guys.  Seriously y'all.  This is how small potatoes we were:  The first time I met Jackie, I was delivering a bunch of tubes to the lab to get sterilized and filled with one of our formulas.  I am quite certain we were their only customer that ever self-delivered their own packaging.  This lab is accustomed to freight trucks pulling up to one of their loading docks and unloading pallets of materials.  Not a blonde in a sedan pulling tubes out of the trunk of her car.  But - on that particular day the stars were aligned and Jackie was there the same time as me and I actually got to meet her -  only to say hi of course, but as we got to visiting we kind of connected and I told her my story.  I really liked her and - to be honest, I felt an immediate kinship with her.  And, by the grace of God, it just so happened that my accidental meeting with Jackie occurred just a few days before the QVC agent called her looking for a company with a good story.  Had the timing not been right, Jackie would have had no idea about us, much less my story.   

A few days after Jackie's first call telling me she had mentioned my name to QVC, she called again and said that the QVC agents would be coming to Dallas and that they would like to meet me.  Of course I was whooping and hollering on the inside, while trying to be calm and cool on the outside.  I remember chuckling to myself because Jackie asked me if I was familiar with QVC.  And of course I am laughing, thinking to myself, "let's see -- right now, as we speak, I have on a pair of spanx, a SkinnyTee, Mally Mascara, and a Logo top ALL ordered from QVC!" Now Jackie was very clear that the QVC agents would also be meeting with a number of their other clients.  So of course I realized what a long shot this would be, as I knew that QVC primarily worked with name brands, but I thought what the heck... When would I ever get another chance like this AND how many of their other clients know QVC like me, as a customer? So a couple of weeks later my husband, Jack, and I traveled to Dallas to make our big presentation.  We gave it our all.  We took props and signage and I basically demonstrated our products as if I was actually a QVC host.  I remember them commenting how impressed they were with how well I understood all of our ingredients.  That struck me as odd... Wouldn't any owner of a bath & body company understand their ingredients?  The very next day we received a call from Daphne, one of the QVC agents, asking if we could travel to QVC Studios in Westchester, PA, and do the same presentation to other executives and buyers. I have to tell you I was shocked - to say the least.  I literally couldn't believe we were getting this chance! And to add a bit more fate to all of this - the date they wanted us at QVC was May 18th, my 50th birthday! After 11 years of making lotion, and 12 years after my breast cancer diagnosis that started it all, I couldn't believe QVC wanted to see ME  - and I couldn't think of a better place to be on my 50th trip around the sun, than at QVC Studios.  

And you know what? The folks at QVC are so nice -- they really are like a great big fun family, and they had a birthday cake for me after Jack and I did our presentation! There I was.  50.  Eating cake at QVC.  Was I dreaming? 

 My 50th Birthday at QVC Studios. 

And y'all - the rest is history as they say, and hopefully it is history still in the making, and will be for a long time.  We left QVC on my birthday with a verbal for a purchase order and a few days later we received it in writing.  Now it took almost a year for the first airing to take place, as there are many, many things that have to happen in order to be QVC ready.  But - we did it! It was such a wonderful experience.  I have never worked so hard having so much fun in my life.  And regardless of whether we are blessed with more airings or not, I am even more impressed with QVC as a customer.  I had no idea how much testing and quality control they place into all the products they sell.  Our Hummingbird Farms products go through quality control at our own lab, but QVC requires an additional 3rd party to test products, plus their own in-house quality assurance testing.  So - you can be rest assured that if you make a purchase on QVC, whatever product you are purchasing has been tested and then tested again to ensure that it does everything the seller says it does.   

And, as my Grandmother used to say - Lord willing and the creek don't rise, I am preparing for my 4th airing next week.  I am humbled that our Lavender Heavy Cream No. 518 is Customer Top Rated at QVC.  It's still hard to believe...  But - dreams do come true. 

I am living proof.  


 First Airing at QVC on 2/2/16.  QVC Agents Susan (left) & Daphne (right) with Debi and Jack (center).  


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