It was like Christmas on Valentine's Day….

Sunday, February 15th, 2015

It has been a little hectic around the farm lately, but all in a very good way.  Thanks to you, our business had a very good holiday season, followed shortly after with market in which we gained more new wholesale customers.  Our days and weekends have kept us busy processing and shipping orders, so our other farm chores have been put a little on the back burner.  This is why on Valentine's Day 2015, which also happened to be my first free Saturday in a while, I spent the day putting up our remaining Christmas decorations.  Yep - that's right y'all.  I said it:  Christmas decorations….  

It's kind of embarrassing to say that I still had Christmas decorations out on Valentine's Day, but I think that also portrays just how crazy it has been around here.  But - while putting up Christmas stuff I could not help but reflect on the many things that have kept us so busy.  I have to say I am VERY excited about our future.  Not only with all the new customers we will serve, but also with the new collections I will be developing and bringing to market.  My head is exploding with ideas and opportunities and I just can't wait to conquer it all! 

In the meantime, on this February weekend of love, I simply wanted to say THANK YOU for the love you have shared with us.  Thank you for standing by us and "getting" us, and for spreading the word about our products and what we stand for.  On this day after Valentine's Day, I am about as giddy as a kid on Christmas morning just thinking about our very bright future that YOU are allowing us to have! 

                     With Love,

                                       Debi (a.k.a. Lavender Chick)


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