You know you're from a small town when…

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

It is days like today when I realize how nice it is to be living in a small town.  It is two days before Thanksgiving and I had to "go to town" for errands.  So before I go any further let me say how much I love saying "going to town."  I actually live 20 miles from town which is Fredericksburg, Texas.  Now I do live closer to a couple of other smaller towns (Hye which is pop. 105 and Stonewall which is pop. 1400), but the town with the grocery store that would be able to fulfill my Thanksgiving cornucopia is Fredericksburg, which is a jewel of a little town.  When you think of small town Americana and a vision pops in your head of what Americana should look like, well - that vision is probably exactly what Fredericksburg looks like.  Anyway - it is a precious town and I have to say I never get tired of "going to town".  

Now I promise I'm going to get to my story about what happened in town today, but first I want to quickly tell you why I love saying I'm going to town.   It reminds be of my childhood on my grandparents cotton farm.  I can still hear my grandmother's voice, in her Texas twang of course, hollering through the house, "I'M GOIN' TO TOW-N!".  So just as she always did (and because my sisters and cousins and I all get a big kick out of mimicking her), I have to announce in the same voice and twang every time I go to tow-n.  Of course sometimes there is no one home to hear my announcement except the cats and dogs, but I do it anyway.  It makes me smile.   Please note the hyphen in tow-n…. There were many one syllable words that my grandmother made into two syllables, and "tow-n" was one of them.  

So this is what happened in tow-n today.  I had to stop in a little boutique called Zertz, which is a fantastic little store - it's cute, cute! As I was at the register paying to leave I was telling them how I was headed to the grocery store and I was bracing myself for the crowd since it's just before Thanksgiving.  We discussed how they run out of things (last year it was celery), so I was hoping I hadn't waited too late…  Anyway, I got to the grocery store and sure enough it was a packed house, but I kind of liked it.  It gave me that good holiday rush.  And I'm very happy to report they had not run out of celery and I was able to get everything I needed on my 3-page list.  After almost two hours in the store, I finally was ready to get in line to check out.  It was a LONG line, but again, I didn't mind the wait as that is my time to read all the tabloid covers.  So after getting caught up on pop culture and realizing how happy I am that I am not Bill Cosby's wife and getting my overflowing shopping cart checked out and bagged up, I reached into my purse to grab my debit card but couldn't find it….  I started digging in my purse some more; it's not there.  I did more digging and then the panic set in… I can't pay for my cornucopia! I tell the cashier, "Oh no! I can't find my debit card!" The cashier said, "Are you by chance Debra Williams?"  I curiously responded "Yes, it is - how did you know?" His response:  "Yeah - you left your card at Zertz, they called us and said you would be here and that they have your card." 

You know you're from a small tow-n when….. 


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