Do you know the way to San Jose?

Sunday, September 28th, 2014


I had the most enjoyable weekend a couple of weeks ago with my very dear friend, Joan, in beautiful Carmel-By-The-Sea, California.  Both, Joan and Carmel, are two of my most favorite things on earth!
Joan and I were college roommates and remained roommates when we were both single girls trying to establish our careers.  It is really quite amazing to me how Joan and I have gotten this far in life….being almost 50 and everything.  You see, we are kind of air heads at times.
(Or “arrow heads” as Joan calls it; she’s such an air head she doesn’t even know the proper term….)
Somehow when we are together the air in our heads gets more dense and we just tend to do stupid stuff.  It is the strangest phenomenon….  It is as if we lose control of our own abilities and our bodies begin to channel Laverne & Shirley or Lucy & Ethel, if you will. 
I want to tell you about our great trip to Carmel-By-The-Sea, but before I do, I have to tell you about our last road trip together: 






On this particular trip several years ago we went to the wine country in Napa Valley (we have a thing for the west coast).  Because we would be flying out of different airports (Joan out of Dallas and me out of San Antonio), we planned very carefully to ensure we would arrive at our destination airport in California at approximately the same time.
Joan would arrive about an hour before me, so we planned that she would go ahead and pick up the rental car and then just drive around to baggage to pick me up when my plane arrived.

My plane lands and I call Joan to tell her I have arrived.  She says it is perfect, as she has the rental car and will circle around to get me.  I tell her exactly where I am standing on the curb and I wait.  And I wait…  And I wait some more. 
I call Joan again.  Where are you?
Joan:  "I am circling around for the fifth time.  Where are you?"
I carefully describe again where I am on the curb and at which baggage claim pick up area I am standing.  She says she can’t figure out how she missed me and will circle around again.  I have her describe the rental car to me again.  Perhaps I just didn’t see her…. 
And I wait.  And wait.
Joan calls again, frustrated - as she is now a good 20 minutes into circling around the airport:  "Okay, I have now circled another three times and NOW I am actually parked on the curb, I am looking at the sign ‘Baggage Claim A’.  Where are you????"
At this point we are both getting frustrated.  I tell her there is NO WAY – I, too, am looking at the same sign. 
Well – we finally figured it out.  I was at the San Jose Airport, she was at the Sacramento Airport….. 
So typical of two air (arrow) heads on a trip…. 

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