My smart phone has made me dumb. And old.

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Lavender Chick's Office Bath
So I think I have mentioned a time or two, like here and here that my hobby is bathing.  Well, that and decorating. And eating.  Oh – and driving around and getting……. Well, nevermind.  I won’t mention that one.  I think it might fall more in to the category of vices instead of hobbies anyway.  You can fill in the blank.  I mean seriously.  I can’t divulge everything about myself on the world wide web thing. 
Anyway, back to my top hobby of bathing.  I do it daily and feel extremely cheated if I don’t have time and am forced to take an ever so boring shower.  And in the not so distant past, during my typical bath I would think. 
I would think about what I needed to do for the day, what I did the day before, what I didn’t do.  I would think about the products I was using, as my bath time was also my research and development time.
In reality I should have been getting paid for bathing since I was trying out different products so I could figure out what I liked and didn’t like and how I could have made them soooo much better. 
And I would think about all the silly things that happened to me during the previous 24 hours, and I would often crack myself up as I thought about it.  AND, it was during that portion of my bath, the crack-up time - wait a minute… not literally THE crack up, the……. oh good lord, let me call it the laughing at myself time because now I'm cracking myself up! I do that often.  Okay, so it was during the laughing at myself time that I would think OH! I must blog about that!
So that was then and this is now. 
Now I have a smart phone.  AND I finally came to the realization of something so profound I thought I must share it with you, which is why I’m telling you all this stuff to begin with.  I came to the conclusion that I stopped blogging on a consistent basis right about the time I got my iphone last year.  I also began to realize that now when I’m bathing, I am lounging about in hot bubbles playing Words With Friends, checking my Facebook, browsing through photos on Houzz…. Basically, I am sitting in the tub and staring into my iphone the whole time.  And no, I have never dropped my iphone in the water.  Why? Because I spent a fortune on the mother of all Otter cases that is waterproof in the event I ever dropped my phone into the tub.  Because I bought it I haven’t dropped my phone.  Had I not bought it, I would have dropped my phone about a dozen times by now.  That’s just how things work in my life work.  So – I cannot attest to whether or not the mother of all Otter cases is indeed waterproof. 
Okay, so back to my hobby of bathing and the whole smart phone thing.  Bottom line, my iphone has usurped all my creativity, my entire imagination, and is causing me to have to get botox injections due to squinting while reading the darn thing. 
My smart phone has made me dumb. 
And old if you consider the very deep crater it has created between my eyebrows. 
So I shall attest today that I have seen the error of my ways.  I am going to get back to the only moment of relaxation and meditation I have by not bathing any longer with the smart phone.  I hope for this to be the cure of my writer’s block and my lack of an urge to develop a new body care product. 
And to no longer have to inject botulism millimeters away from my frontal lobe.   

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