Gayle the social butterfly. I mean cow.

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

"Gayle just hears the word GO and she's grabbing her purse" -Betty B.(my grandmother, aka "Nanny")

I believe that many of you know that three of our longhorn heifers are named after the 3 women in my extended family that rule the roost:  Marsha, Gayle, and Kathy.

I was just being silly when I decided to name my cows after my mother, aunt, and cousin.  BUT - what I never realized was how they would take on similar traits of their namesakes.  I'm serious. 

Oh - and for the record, longhorns DO have personalities.  And like humans, they have unique personalities.  So this is Gayle and she is very social.  She will see a human from afar and will make a bee line to you to say hi.  I suppose some humans might get a bit nervous if a 1200 pound longhorn comes charging towards you.... But - we know it's just Gayle. And she's just social that way.

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