And the holiday season ends....

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

I have a goal every year to get our Christmas decorations put up somewhere between Elvis' birthday and Valentines Day.  I have to say that last year it was closer to Valentine's Day, but by-golly this year I'm so full of energy and motivation, everything is being put away today - a day after Elvis' birthday!   Just don't hold me to the taking down the tree part.  I'm attached.  I suppose I could be like my Aunt Gayle and leave a tree up all year.  Hmmmmm.  Why can't we have a Valentine's Tree? An Easter Tree? A 4th of July tree?

I love it when the house is all decorated, hence my procrastination in putting everything up.  So - with that, I will say goodbye dear Christmas tree.  We enjoyed your company.  Please don't tell any of the secrets you might have heard during the season, as we had lots of fun and very dear friends and family around you this year.  I'm sure you got an ear full (or would that be needle full?).  We hope the tree we pick next year is as beautiful as you.  You've been a good friend. 

So - with that, it gets me thinking of all the things, in addition to our Christmas tree, that I have loved in 2010, such as my suzani that I bought during ArtWalk 2010.  Love, love it! Here it is over my coffee table.  

Only one problem.  See that precious little kitty in the bottom-right corner? Look closely.  Slider is his name. 

Those crystal pillar candle holders don't exist anymore. 

Only Slider and Abe knows why.... 

Don't know how this sweet face could be up to any mischief... 

All I know is that Abe and Slider were the only ones in the room when Jack heard, CRASH!!!!!

And they made a best friend pact never to tell. 

And the Christmas tree isn't saying either. 

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