Rain is good, but Hermina is a wench!

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

So we desperately have needed rain, that is true, we just weren't expecting it to be delivered to us by Hermina.  I don't know exactly how much rain we got because I never like getting my shoes muddy to go look at the rain gauge thing.  I assume that makes me not a farmer being that rain gauges and the like should be on top of any good farmer's radar.  Not that rain isn't top on my radar, it's just that rain gauges aren't.  Now shoes, they are on my radar... 

Besides, I don't have to worry about reading the rain gauge when all I have to do is see what my neighbor Dottie reported on facebook.  So - I will go with what Dottie says:  13.22 inches.  Can you believe it?!

I have already given far too much attention to Hermina, as she doesn't deserve the limelight on my very prestigious Lavender Chick stage.   We are so over her, that Hermina.  Ever since she planned her rendezvous over Hummingbird Farms, our gentle giant Poncho has been missing.  Like I said, Hermina is a wench. 

Poncho come home!

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