Jingle, Belle, & Holly

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

Christmas week cousin Travis came running into the house and told me to get into the gator because he needed me out in the pasture. I hustled my buns out of the house because I had a pretty good idea what was going on. The week before Jingle had been born, our first Christmas baby longhorn, and I knew we had some more babies on the way.

So this is what it looked like when we got out to the field. They're all staring at us as if they're telling us to HUUURRRRY! And of course Gayle is front center waiting on us. No surprise, being that she was also the one that ran up to the house to get me the first time her sister and best friend, Kathy, gave birth 2 years earlier.

So do you see Jack over in the right hand corner? Look real close....

This is what was going on over in the corner. Kathy has just had her baby, Belle! I'm a grandmother!!

A little bit of a nudge to see if she is going to be able to stand up.

No.... not quite ready to stand up yet. Had to lay back down for a little rest. Right at about this time, Jingle decided to come sit right next to her new cousin for a little moral support.

Jingle is telling Belle, "Okay, put your head forward like this and really concentrate; you can do it, you can! I was in your same hooves last week!"

Now she's all cleaned up and doing what she does best.

Then, not even 2 hours later, Holly was born! I unfortunately missed the whole show on this one, but needless to say, Jingle, Belle, and Holly are all getting along just fine.

Jingle wants everyone to know that although she doesn't have spots like Belle and Holly, she has VERY long eyelashes....

Jingle and Belle have become the best of friends and spend most of their day playing and frolicking about Hummingbird Farms. They love playing with Holly, too.

This is Belle asking Holly to come over and play.....

Here's little Holly. Isn't she precious?

Ooooops! Gonna have to change the name to Hollis.... Looks like Holly is a bull calf!

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