I’m sitting here watching this show

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

I’m sitting here watching this show about Elvis. It is actual live clips of him in preparation for his live opening act in Las Vegas in 1970. I am so enamored by this man. I’m laughing right now because they’re showing a bunch of male back up singers and they each have a bit of Elvis flair. Funny how they are all trying to mimic his look; sideburns, sunglasses, the whole enchilada.

I love his sweet little shaking leg, that big, wide smile. Heck, I even love those jumpsuits and pinky rings! Oh - and that gimpy lip!

My great grandfather had a gimpy lip and my dad said he could spit watermelon seeds out of that gimpy part and keep on chewing. Love that!


So back to Elvis… He would be 75 if he were still alive today. I have no doubt I would still think he’s sexy. Skinny, fat, I don’t care. He was cool.

Now let’s talk about Priscilla. Bless her heart.

So yeah, Elvis was her senior, a little robbing the cradle action going on, but still, even though a young little whippersnapper compared to Elvis, she’s still almost 65 years old today.

Imagine how beautiful she would be if she would simply let herself be her age?

What’s up with that manufactured hair color? And all that Botox and that teenager hairdo? Scary! She’s Priscilla Presley for goodness sake! How can she be so insecure to the point that she thinks she needs all those injections, dyes, and plastic? She was beautiful before that first nip and long before that last tuck….

Lord please help me embrace my twilight years and not defy it. I’m getting to where I see so much beauty in older women that are just that – older and beautiful without all the yaya. Please let me keep it that way!

And Lord, please don't let this post be the cause of me never getting to meet Priscilla, becoming her BFF and getting all the great inside scoop on Elvis. I'm just sayin'.....

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