The Morning Room At Night

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

Five years of construction and we finally have one room finished..... Yeah I know - the progress has been slow. But hey, it's progress still the same. When Jack and I took on the task of building a house with neither of us having any experience in this area, we didn't quite realize the job we had taken on. The good news is we're still married.

So this is the morning room (with curtains open), adjacent to my little galley kitchen. And that's Abe sleeping in the chair. I didn't have the heart to disturb him simply to take a picture. Seeing him here also explains to you the reason why I had the slips made for the chairs to begin with. I have dogs. Hairy dogs and dirty dogs. Slip covers are a must for humans like us that live with dogs. At our house, the dogs don't live with us, we live with the dogs.....

I have washed the slips several times now. When I bought the fabric I washed it all first to ensure I wouldn't have shrinkage after having them made. Wouldn't be too good of a deal if you had slip covers made, washed them, and couldn't fit them back onto your chairs.

The main reason for this post is two-fold. First because I'm really grateful to Ann over at Hill Country House that got me on the straight and narrow on who was best in the area in making slip covers and curtains. Both were made by Debbie Phillips at Simply Slips in Fredericksburg. The fabric came from Threads, also in Fredericksburg.

Lord how I wish I could sew! Of course if I could sew, I guess the only time I could it do would be between midnight and 4:00 a.m., being that this is my only free time right now....

The second reason for this post is because I'm just so darn happy to have a room without construction going on in it AND because I need some help. I still have lots of stuff boxed up in storage so I know the decorating will continue to evolve. But - I know I need some pizzazz. Some ooomph. Some pixie dust.

Take this picture for example. See the area above and around the TV? I need something there, just don't know what. It looks kind of plain and boring to me. And yes, that is a picnic basket next to the chair. I actually use it to store magazines, just forgot to close it up for the picture. And in case you're wondering, the floor is brick from an old 1890's Chicago fire house.

That wine cooler was supposed to go in the bar, which is still being built. (Has been for two years now....) Anyway, we realized this sub-zero cooler wasn't going to fit in the space we had intended. So, we had to reconfigure. We've done a lot of reconfiguring in the last 5 years. We simply slapped some paint on it and moved it into the morning room. I needed a little coffee/beverage station and the two refrigerator draws underneath the wine cooler are kind of nice to have for juice, etc. So - the "make-do" actually ended up working out just fine.

Here' s a close-up. I still need to rearrange the shelves a bit and you know - add some pizzazz. The cabinetry in the morning room matches that in the kitchen. Since my kitchen is galley and small, I wanted the morning room to serve as an extention of the kitchen with the same flow.

This is a breakfast bar we had built. It needs some pizzazz on the wall above, too. My pizzazz gene is not working well right now. Having this bar in the morning room is also nice because guests sit around here while I'm in the kitchen cooking and we can still have converstation. Kind of keeps the crowd out of my small cooking area. I guess I should post some pics of the kitchen next time.....

I do like that I had open shelves put in below the bar. Nice place to store all the squash out of the garden. I obviously need to cook some squash.....
Thanks for visiting my new morning room. It's actually my favorite room right now and I do love sipping on my coffee and watching the news early in the morning. But, please.... If you have any suggestions on jazzing up the place, please let me know!

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