18-Wheels & Two New Roommates

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Remember the cowboy that moved in a few months ago? For a recap, Jack met a cowboy in the checkout line at Walmart back in February who was in a bit of a quandary and needed a place to bunk for a while. Because Jack is Jack, he invited the cowboy to stay with us. Anyway – after a few months of living here, the cowboy pulled himself up by his boot straps and rode away. We still talk to him and he stops by every now and then, but for now he’s out ridin’ new fences…

Because there’s always something going on at Hummingbird Farms, let me tell you what happened today. A big semi-truck was making a delivery out here. Now what the semi-truck was delivering is a whole other story… So, for purposes of not dragging this out I’ll just skip to the truck part.

A bit of a mishap occurred while the truck was pulling into the gate which led to the truck breaking down and now the truck needs a new part; and until then, it’s not going anywhere. So - someone from San Antonio was supposed to bring them a part so they could get truckin’ down the highway. Well, that just never happened. As dinner time rolled around Jack went to check on the two drivers still waiting for the part to arrive and realized they were pretty hungry. And hot. It was only 102 degrees here today. Being that we had no groceries in the house because I’ve been gone for the last 2 weeks (this is my first night home), Jack took to the two starving truck drivers to our local diner for a meal.

It’s now after 9:00 at night and Jack has just informed me that the part coming from San Antonio isn’t going to arrive until tomorrow. So take a great big guess what Jack did….

He invited them to just spend the night here with us.

Let’s just hope that part shows up tomorrow…..

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