My First Farrah-do

Friday, June 26th, 2009

I think this was taken in 1977 or 1978, can't remember. But - I do know two things:

1. It got bigger and longer over the years AND,

2. Jo Vick at the Lady Bug Salon is who gave me my first Farrah-do in Alpine, Texas. Jo was the coolest chick in Alpine at the time because she did good hair, had great parties, and got to go to New York all the time.

My dad had a store in Corpus Christi (where Farrah grew up) and my little sister and I would frequently take trips with him in the summer to check on the store. It was always a lot of fun because we got to stay in a hotel and he would let my little sister and I hang out at the beach while he was working. While I had my Farrah-do, my little sister had the Dorothy Hamil-do... Gotta love those 70's!!!

During those 70's summers in Corpus I would fantasize that Farrah would see me and decide I should be her little sister and take me to Hollywood to live happily ever after....

Just wanted to say thanks to Farrah for the inspiration that she gave to all of us Texas Chicks and other chicks from across the country. She was one of a kind.....

Can you remember your first Farrah-do? Would love to see pictures!

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