What's a festival without some rain? Or a 10-year anniversary without mustard greens?

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

So the rain was a little fierce on the first day of the Becker Lavender Festival.... For whatever reason the rain never comes when it's convenient, but we'll still take it when we can get it.

I took this picture from our booth. This was before the rain started collecting by the gallon on top of our tent.... And before part of tent got severely weighed down with water and decided to give just as I was below it. This led to being drenched with 3 gallons of water being poured right over my head. I was literally soaked! There was nothing dry on my body! Fortunately we're only a hop, skip, and jump from Becker Vineyards so I was able to run home (although I could have used a boat) and change into something dry.

But by Sunday the sun came out and more people decided to come hang out on the beautiful grounds of Becker Vineyards.

And for some reason, everyone that brought their dog seemed to have little white fluffy dogs. I kind of wanted to grab one and run!

We had a good time in spite of the rain that led to a slow day on Saturday. But - we were okay with it because it just gave the vendors time to shop with each other. Oh - and participate in wine tastings!

Some of my wonderful findings were:

Miller Creek's Lavender Margarita Mix. It's a great gift item and also a lot of fun to have for parties, specifically bridal showers and parties! But just so you know, I've not come across a man yet that hasn't said, "hey, this is good!"

Wimberley Lavender Farm soy travel candles. I love soy candles and these are some of the best ones I've come across. They actually use real lavender oil for fragrance, not a synthetic scent. I love how Karen has put them in a small travel tin. Since I travel a lot I love to keep one in my suitcase for my hotel room. Nothing like a little relaxation while travelling. Especially when staying in a hotel room with that recycled, musty hotel room air....

Becker Vineyards "Iconoclast" Cabernet Sauvginon. It has a light and subtle spicey kick to it with full fruit flavors. It's medium-dry with surprisingly light tannins. It's a great buy for $10. So good, we bought a case!

We had an enjoyable weekend, although a little on the exhausting side. Oh - and get this. It was also a weekend that included both our 10-year anniversary and my birthday.... When it rains, it pours. Literally.

So what did we do for our 10-year anniversary?

We had all intentions of at least going out for a nice dinner. But - by the time we both got home around 7:30 we were exhausted. We talked about freshening up and just going out; after all, it was our anniversary. The more we thought about it the more we realized that it wasn't such a great idea. By the time we would have freshened up and driven to town, it would have been close to 9:00. Then we decided to just run to the grocery store to pick something up to cook at home. Well, that would have required some energy and ambition - none of which we had at the moment. So - what did we do? I rummaged through the pantry and found a can of mustard greens. Yes, mustard greens. We also had all the ingredients needed for some homemade macaroni and cheese.

Our 10-year anniversary was memorable with a dinner of mustard greens, mac & cheese, and a bottle of Becker Vineyards Iconoclast! mmmm-good!!!!! Oh - and a lot of good laughs over our romantic meal. We did manage to light some candles around the table for ambiance. Mustard greends by candlelight. So romantic!

Lastly, I know I said a couple of posts ago that I would be sharing with you some of my horrible blind dates that led up to my last wonderful blind date. Well - that was before I got bogged down with lavender stuff. What seemed like a great idea at the time ended up giving me panic attacks when I would think back to all those awful dates. But - if you're still interested, you can read about my last-ever blind date (the one that led to being united with my Miracle Man) that I wrote 2 years ago here.

Jack & Debi, May 1999, honeymoon-bound to the Four Seasons at Nevis, West Indies. I think Jack still has a look of shock on his face....

Have a wonderful Memorial Day!!!

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