And The Winners Are.....

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Okay y'all, we have some clear winners in my first ever Bloggy Giveaway! So I had to figure out how the names would be drawn in order to be completely fair to everyone that entered the contest. By the way - THANK YOU to everyone that took the time to leave a comment!

So first I printed out all the comments and sat and stared at them at my breakfast table.

Then I cut each comment into strips to be placed in something.... I still couldn't figure out what to place them into, but I was thinking about it.

And while I was thinking what that something was going to be to place all the strips into, Lupe started pulling strips out of my pile and, well - eating them.

Just so y'all know, Lupe sits with me every morning and has coffee with me.

So anyway - as I sat there trying to find something clever to place all the strips in, Lupe ended up pulling three out of the pile. If you look really closely below, you will see three different strips with her signature on them.

So I figured, "hey!" Those are my first three winners! The three that Lupe picked! Congratulations to:

2. Dixie from French Lique, Texas

Then I tried to get Lupe to pick 7 more, but all she wanted to do was eat Theresa, Dixie, and Penny.

So...... I did something real boring and stuck all the rest in a hat. (Yes - it really was one of Jack's cowboy hats). I would have had Jack draw the names, but I couldn't find him, which meant the only other options were to get my animals to draw from the hat or me. Lupe was already starting to gag from eating too much paper and the dogs and cats just couldn't figure out what I was trying to get them to do. So - that left me to do the drawing....

AND the remaining 7 winners are:

4. Patriot from Made in the USA

5. Ginny (please send me your address)

6. Laura from White Spray Paint

7. Cheryl from Cottage Farm Villa

8. Mrs. B. Silly from My Silly Blog

10. Justine from Tiney's Froggy Bloggy

I hope y'all enjoy your lotion! I'll have my secretary - I mean, Jack, get it right out to you! I really do look forward to hearing what you think about it. Oh - and give yourself a few days of using it so you can notice the change in your hands!

Have a great weekend AND....


My pick for the 2009 Kentucky Derby. I'm now off to have a mint julep!

General Quarters, with jockey Eibar Coa in the saddle and trainer Tom McCarthy in the winner's circle at the Blue Grass Stakes at Keeneland in Lexington, Ky., April 11, 2009. Photo by Ed Reinke/AP Photo

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