Hummingbird Farms is the place to be!

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

Jack and I had a great visit in California and can't wait to go back! We did what we always do as soon as we got off the plane at LAX. We first drove through In-N-Out Burger for Jack, and then straight to Wahoo's for fish tacos for me! I proceeded to eat fish tacos everyday for lunch for four days, and Jack proceeded to eat an In-N-Out burger everyday for four days. When people ask me what I miss most about living in LA, it's always - Fish Tacos!

Of course I had to squeeze in a burger, too, because you know - it's just not American to go to L.A. and not eat an In-N-Out burger! When Jack and I were dating and he was living in Dallas and I was in L.A., he wanted me to check into Fed Ex'ing an overnight In-N-Out burger to him. We decided it could be done, but the buns would probably get way too soggy, hence ruining his love for In-N-Out. It simply wouldn't be worth compromising such a work of art.

So anyway, we get off the plane and I get that immediate giddy, high-energy feeling I always get when I visit my Manhattan's - that would be Manhattan as in Manhattan Beach, south of Los Angeles, and Manhattan as in New York City. I love me some Manhattan! I just love me some city!

So my head is spinning with pure excitement and joy to be in Los Angeles again. I'm thinking to my self, I AM a city-girl, really I am - this is where I'm supposed to be....

We enjoy our entire time there. Of course we had some really good food - we did manage to break away from Wahoo's and In-N-Out for some other fine fare. Notice I said, "other fine fare." Wahoo's IS fine fare! We also enjoyed just hanging out and soaking up the California scene and all the pretty people. All the skinny people that is...

Good Lord! Some of those girls were just WAY too skinny. I felt sorry for them! In fact, when one girl walked by I told Jack that someone needed to give that poor thing a piece of pie. Bless her heart!

The weather couldn't have been better. It was absolutely perfect, in fact. And so we had a wonderful time in sunny Southern California.

But then it came time to go home. Of course I was missing my animals, but life in the city was sure good for a change. I kind of felt like me again...

And then we landed back in Austin. As I got off the plane there was a Bob Wills song playing on the intercom and that familiar I'm home feeling actually felt quite nice. As we left the airport and got deeper into the Hill Country, I felt myself relax. My heart rate sort of slowed down a few beats. I noticed how the sky opened up and I was surrounded by miles and miles of Texas; it made me feel small. It made me smile on the inside.

Then we drove into the gate to Hummingbird Farms and the cows greeted us from the pasture. As I walked into the house, Birdie was so excited to see me she sprinkled all over herself, me, and the floor. Oh well - a little tee-tee never hurt anybody! And Big just kept jumping up and down, up and down; all the while, my kitty Festus was walking figure eight's between my ankles, wrapping his tail across my calves. Lupe was chirping a mile a minute, saying, "I'm over here in my cage, come get me, come get me!"

And then I saw a huge pile of cow manure just outside the dining room window where Bob had spent the last 4 days staring in wondering where we all were.

And that's when I said to myself, this is where I'm supposed to be.... Hummingbird Farms is the place to be!

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