I’m too tired to sleep because I have insomnia. And a ghost…

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

I have no idea what has caused this current bout of insomnia. I generally sleep like a baby, but I do have an episode about once a year when I can’t sleep. Unfortunately, it’s that time of year. One of my problems that yields my inability to go to sleep is the darn ritual I have to go through in order to go to bed….

My friend Sami and I always talk about how we’re too tired to go to bed. Do you understand what we’re talking about? This whole week I was dead-dog tired; simply too tired to go to sleep. You see, by the time I drag my aching bones to bed I have to detour into the bathroom for the face washing ritual. For some reason, the older I get the longer this ritual is taking. I suppose it’s because every year I have to add another step or layer for my face….

Anyway, by the time I do all this, which includes 5 minutes of splashing water all over my face, I’m wide awake. So I lie in bed, wide awake AND exhausted, and stare… How is it possible to be wide awake, but exhausted???

I finally decided that perhaps my insomnia was due to the fact that my ghost was missing me and needed me in my old bedroom. YES – I said it y’all…. MY GHOST! I have this sweet little lady that lives in our old farmhouse. I really don’t like to refer to her as a ghost, but as a spirit. Many of y’all know that we’ve been involved in some construction for quite some time while adding on to the old farmhouse. We’ve moved into our newly constructed bedroom which is actually quite pleasant. My little ghost, however, doesn’t go into the new part of the house; she’s just not into change. So – because I was so tired of being tired, and had read everything there was to read on my bedside table, I grabbed my pillow and headed upstairs to my old bedroom and slept like a baby.

She was calling me home…

Oaky – so I’ve said it… I’ve admitted to having a ghost. She’s actually very friendly and has spoken to me. YES – I said that, too: SHE SPOKE TO ME. So now that you all think I’m nuts (and you could be right) I’m going to end here. I do have an interesting story about her… but, trying to put it on paper is all so very complicated. Also, out of respect to her family (which some are still living and I have met), I don’t want to say too much until they’ve given me their blessing. I will say this – she’s friendly and sweet and I’m not the least bit scared.

She gives me peace...

And she has rockin’ long brunette hair!

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