It was a "berry dood pie"(that's a family joke y'all)

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

Friday evening I bought this:

I choose to think of it as Thanksgiving spirit. I'm simply getting in the spirit of over-eating and over-indulging. It's how I give thanks...

It is now Sunday evening and the pie is gone. Jack had one piece of pie when it thawed out 48 hours ago. We didn't have any company this weekend. So... guess who was left to eat the rest of the pie? In the event you love banana cream pie but not in the mood to make a homemade one, Marie Callender does a darn good job. Marie knows pies.

Oh - and just so I can explain myself better on why I ate an entire pie (minus one slice), it's because I know I'm going to get sick of pumpkin pie later in the week. I had to eat an entire banana cream pie in order to be thankful for pumpkin pie. It's a perfectly normal thing to do.... You know, to give thanks on Thanksgiving.

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