Lavender Chick Does Dallas

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

I would have used my real name in the title of this post, but I’m using code for obvious reasons… I don’t want to risk having anymore creepy crawlies visiting my blog like last summer. Remember that post? There are just some real pervs out there!

I have to tell y’all about my weekend in Dallas. It started out with all of my plans falling into place just perfectly. My dear friend was having a birthday party bash for her 3 year old precious twins, AND my sister was going to be in Dallas on business. What a perfect scenario! It was the perfect time for me to get to visit my friend and see her babies that aren’t going to be babies much longer, AND hang out with my sister and actually be real grown-ups and have dinner at an adult dining facility with wine and everything versus a kid friendly restaurant with clowns and slides. It was just a win-win weekend…. It was going to be a weekend well worth the 4 hour drive. But then again, you are talking about me:

1. I spent a total of 2 ½ hours driving around lost in Dallas. The ridiculous part of all of this is that I got lost not only going to the restaurant, but leaving the restaurant too! And it’s a restaurant I’ve been to dozens of times! My sister was with me in the car; I am obviously one that can’t talk and drive… The more lost and confused we got, the harder we laughed and the loster we got (I know loster isn’t a real word, but it’s a good word).

2. The good news about driving around lost in Dallas is that we drove up on Cheaters! Do you know what I’m talking about? Cheaters, the TV show about cheating spouses that gets all caught on film. We’re driving around completely lost in downtown Dallas when we come up on the film crew filming right there on a city street! I had to drive around the block 3 times real slow with the windows rolled down so I could hear. I wanted to park the car and just get out to hear the whole thing go down, but my sister said NO WAY and wouldn’t let me stop the car. I think she was embarrassed.

3. I locked my keys in the trunk of the car. I have not locked my keys in my car in at least 5 years. What I hate the most about this is that this means I will do it 2 more times in the very near future. Locking your keys in your car comes in three’s... I had to call a locksmith who was actually a very nice guy. I asked him how busy he stays getting keys out of locked cars for blondes. He assured me that there is absolutely no greater increase of blondes locking their keys in their cars than brunettes. So there! It took him all of 2 minutes to unlock the car and say, "$60, please." This means he makes $30 a minute! I’m in the wrong business, y’all…

4. Last, but not least, I went to the birthday party on Saturday with gifts in tow and ready to party-hearty with the twins. Except…..

Are you ready for this one?


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