Babies, babies everywhere!

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Remember Bob? He got to be the only baby at Hummingbird Farms for an entire year. Of course, he thinks he's still the baby... His mama still treats him like a little baby; I don't think Bob minds it, though. I even caught Bob trying to nurse the other day - he's almost a year old! It's possible that he's regressing... You hear all the time that children can regress when mama comes home with a new baby. Should it be any different with cows? We just happen to have several new babies at Hummingbird Farms. We've got baby poodles AND baby cows!

I took this picture minutes after this baby was born. He and his mama are refugees at Hummingbird Farms. Due to the drought, we're housing a number of refugees - it's the least we can do...

Look closely, you can see that he still has his little umbilical cord. Isn't he a cutie!

This baby is growing horns! Do you see that little black thing sticking out? They grow up SO fast...

They will all enjoy their time at Hummingbird Farms, I know I sure do. I mean, come on - is this not gorgeous? How many pink sunsets do you think you have to have before you get tired of them?

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