Lazy Days of Summer

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

I'm BAAAACK! I really never intended to be gone so long. In fact, I don't know where time has gone. All I can say is that I've been really busy... I am so behind in blogging and need an entire Saturday dedicated to nothing but getting caught up with all of you. Sorry if I haven't been by lately, but will be checking in with everyone in the next few days. In the meantime, this is what I've been up to:

1. We've partnered with a few new retailers! Very exciting - can't wait to tell you more!
2. Got my hair cut. I asked for short and sassy, but got boring and frumpy.
3. My frumpy haircut led me to the conclusion that maybe it's ME, not my hair, that's frumpy.
4. Started a low-carb diet. I figure if I announce my low-carb diet to the entire world wide web I will be more obligated to be held to it. So internet, I'M ON A DIET!!!!
5. We had a family reunion last weekend - much fun!
6. Remember a while back when I told y'all about my idea of formulating a Lavender Facial Mist? I think I might be down to my final prototype! I have to give some samples to my girlfriends for their approval, and if they all agree that this is the ONE, we'll be good to go! I'll keep you posted. For a sneak preview, I will tell you this: It's a facial mist that is great for setting your mineral makeup and for a quick pick-me-up to hydrate your tired, worn-out, pollutant-soaked skin. It will also fight off all those nasty free radicals that are swarming your pores. My final prototype (hope it's my final), is aloe based of course, and is loaded with antioxidants to fight off those free radicals. It's loaded with Green Tea, Papaya, Citrus, and Myrrh. How relaxing!
7. Lastly, we have new visitors, longhorns that is:

Look at this mama and baby! We actually have several new mama's out here. A neighboring rancher's place was devastated by fire a few weeks ago. Do we ever need rain! Anyway, as a result of the fire, he needed to relocate his livestock. Sadly, one of his longhorns died in the fire, but were very pleased that all the others were saved.

Hummingbird Farms is the new temporary home of these precious babies. Is that not the sweetest face?

Our girls are getting along nicely with the visitors. Bob, in the meantime, has hit his terrible two's. He's extremely curious and territorial - you know the age, it's all about "mine, mine, mine!"

He has this thing for our cat, Bubba. Anytime he sees Bubba he goes running to it. He's so curious! He really wants Bubba to be his friend...

All animals at Hummingbird Farms get blessed by St. Francis!

This is what the front yard of our house looks like every morning at about 10:00. The longhorns have decided that this is the perfect morning nap spot. I'm loving it!

We're really bonding to our new visitors. The rancher that owns these cows says he's selling them all. So - I'm trying to figure out how I can buy them all....

I'm already attached.

I promise I will be in touch again real soon. Sorry I've been MIA for so long. Can't wait to visit with all of you and get caught up!


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