See you at the square!

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

This weekend is the Blanco Lavender Festival. In years past we have always opened the farm so visitors can check out what we've got going on out here. It was also an opportunity for our customers to see our blooming fields and cut their own fresh bouquets.

The key word there is "in years past."

This year we have more grasshoppers than blooms.... So I've made the executive decision to let Jack be on his own - I don't want any part of dusty fields and grasshoppers. And of course I don't want to be associated with a non-blooming lavender farm. Yes, I'm a coward. When we're busting with blooms and butterflies, it is OUR farm. When Mother Nature doesn't cooperate and the lavender doesn't bloom, it is Jack's farm.

So instead of depressing myself by being at the farm and looking at flowerless plants, I will be spending all day Saturday & Sunday at our booth at the Blanco Square. Jack will be at his farm. At least at the square I have the luxury of sitting under a tent on groomed grass sans the grasshoppers. Hey - there's even going to be a Texas Wine tent there, too. This could be dangerous y'all.

If you're in the area I would love to see you! The Hummingbird Farms booth will be at the northeast corner of the square under a great big tree. Please stop by and introduce yourself. I would love to meet you!

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