I feel like a melting ice cream cone

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

I wanted to thank everyone for your nice comments about our little Buckaroo. We're still in a real funk about it. I know we just need more time ... Time is a wonderful thing. That's what Lisa always says.

In the meantime, we're still a little drained from the lavender festival last weekend. It was so hot! We've still not had one tiny drop of rain out here.

It is so dry that the fish in our pond are getting ticks!

I got to meet some really nice people during the festival, and even got to meet someone outside of my family and friends that actually reads my blog! Hi Camille! Thanks again for driving out here all the way from Fort Worth. I told Jack that you came to the square and he said, "Camille? You mean MY Camille?" And I said, "No, MY Camille." Too make a long story short we had a little tug of war over you. Apparently y'all exchanged some emails a while back so now he thinks you love Hummingbird Farms because of him. I set him straight and told him you were mine first. Regardless, you and I know the REAL story! It was great meeting you and hope to see you and your cute hubby out here again someday!

Because I sat outside for 2 straight days during the festival in 210 degree Texas heat, I would like to say I dropped some pounds; or that I might have even lost a few due to the stress of losing little Buckaroo. But then I remembered who I am, and it seems I'm a lot more like my Aunt Barb than I thought. She always said she would get depressed with a donut in both hands...

I've discovered a new flavor of Blue Bell ice cream that does a real nice job of cooling me off in the evening. And that second serving tastes really good right before I go to bed. Funny how my lactose intolerance just doesn't seem to be an issue with Blue Bell.

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