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Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

I had a really great weekend! And yes, I actually have pictures to chronicle my great day on Saturday. It’s just that it’s taken me a couple of days to figure out how the heck to upload the things. You see, I’m over the age of 14.

No wait. Am I over the age of 14? I’ve been kind of feeling like I’m 14 … My poor body is just confused; it can’t figure out if I’m going through puberty or menopause. Maybe I’m going through pubopause… Zits and hot flashes. It’s a wonderful combination.

Regardless, my great weekend more than made up for my hormone roller coaster rider. Do you remember my friend, Lisa? My friend since the 3rd grade? I reported a while back that she was becoming quite the impressive photographer. Well, who knew, but all visitors to Austin will soon be greeted with her photos at the airport. We’re so excited for her!

She came out on Saturday and we went on a mini road trip to take pictures. Actually, she said this trip couldn’t qualify as a road trip, being that we didn’t venture more than 30 minutes from Hummingbird Farms; so she’s opted to refer to it as a “walk about." And if anyone knows the definition of a road trip, Lisa and I do, being that we’ve been on something like 1459 of them. I don’t know if it’s a west Texas thing or not, but the girls I grew up with still love a good ole’ road trip! Being that we grew up almost 3 hours from the closest airport and an hour from a WalBall, we learned all our greatest lessons in life on the road. Or on the side of it…

You know what? Let’s just skip the road trip stories; I would like to maintain some sort of dignity with my friends in blogland. We’ll discuss road trips another day. Or never. Anyhow, let’s just talk about our Saturday ‘walk about.’

Because Lisa and I have never had trouble meeting people and talking to perfect strangers, we decided to venture out and chronicle a Hill Country day. It was a box of chocolates kind of day… We had no idea what we’d get. But, I’m glad to report that Lisa got some great shots, and I sure got some great stories… And more good memories!

So, for your viewing pleasure, these are some things you would see if you ever decided to come visit me, and then take a little Sunday drive going north on FM 1376 through Luckenbach and Sisterdale. Two of my favorite places!

And who knows… You might even see some of these pictures at the Rockin’ RB at the Austin airport.

As we were driving on the highway, we passed this beautiful lady, Mrs. Ruby, painting her fence. We were so taken by her. She was wearing a white skirt and had just had her hair done the day before. She was lovely! She told us that she had been living on that ranch for 61 years. She had a bit of an accent and Lisa asked her where she was from. She proudly said, "I'm from here, I was born just down the road by the bat cave in Fredericksburg." I had to remind Lisa that her German accent is quite common in this historic German settlement area.

Santa enjoys kicking back in Luckenbach during his off season. Who knew?

I'm so proud of Lisa on this shot. I love the black and white with the orange beaks and feet! These ducks were too funny! Who needs a watch dog when you can have a watch duck?

I wanted to take these burros home with me! They were so sweet... Note to owner of burros: We apologize up front for trespassing. Thank you for not shooting us. We just really liked your ducks and burros!

Only in Texas ....

I drive by this old house in Sisterdale a couple of times a week. No one has lived in it for decades. Each time I drive by I wonder about it's story...

And then when we got home we had to tell Jack all about our day and the people we met. It took an entire cigar for him to hear all the details. I just love Jack's hands...
It was a great day! I'm also so excited about watching Lisa grow with her photography. She's so talented!

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