Cozy Conrad Needs A Home ...

Monday, February 4th, 2008

My friend Marie has a new foster dog, or foster Boxer to be exact. Marie LOVES Boxers and has been working with Austin Boxer Rescue for years to place these loving creatures in homes.

This is Conrad and he needs a family to love. If you live in the central Texas area, or know someone who does and is looking for a new member to the family, please let me know or contact Austin Boxer Rescue. I can also get you in contact with Marie who can tell you all about Boxers and Conrad; she's been a Boxer mom for years. Here's a note from Marie about Conrad:

Hi Deb,

Here is a picture of Conrad, my new foster dog, enjoying his newly discovered creature comforts. Until he came to live with me, Conrad had never lived in a house. Now that he has figured out the coziness of couches, dog beds, and beds he wants to snuggle all the time! He loves being part of a family and is progressing very well with his housetraining and home manners. He is crate trained and walks perfectly on a leash. He is wonderful with other dogs but shouldn't be in a home with cats. I've had him around children and he's been great but because he is clumsy and big I would recommend only having him in a home with children 5 or older. You can learn more about Conrad and all the other wonderful dogs at Austin Boxer Rescue at

much love,
Marie, Gemma, and Conrad

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