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Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

After getting a comment from Pat, I thought I would give y’all a face update. By the way, go check out Pat’s blog. I just got through browsing through it and am going to spend some more time later checking it out… I’m so intrigued!

So regarding my face – yes, I did schedule another sandblasting session. I mean microdermabrasion. I’m just a bit anxious... I think it’s going to be similar to what I felt like when I was a child anticipating a tickling session. I can remember when I was about 4 and my sister and I would have tickle contests. It would be my turn to be tickled and I would start laughing uncontrollably before she ever started tickling me. Sometimes anticipation is just more than I can handle!

Who knows? I might be able to prop myself right up there on that table, or I might need to be knocked out cold and blindfolded. Hopefully the aesthetician charges by the session and not the hour…

Now regarding my face and if I can tell any difference after being licked by a fat cat for 5 minutes – well, it’s still way too soon to tell. Like I said, I need at least 364 more sessions. Making Tennessee look like look Rhode Island takes some time … But, I will say that if feels much softer and maybe even a little more glowy!

This leads to the purpose of this post, and I really hope y’all help me out here by leaving a comment. I recently started using mineral make up. I love it! I tried it once before (a different brand), but realize now that I didn’t use the right brushes. Good brushes make all the difference in the world! Another important component to mineral make up that I didn’t know about last time is a hydrating mist spray.

Have you ever used a hydrating mist spray for your face? The purpose of this spray is to set your mineral makeup, but it’s also supposed to hydrate your skin. So this is what I want to know: Have you ever used a face mist for other reasons, not just to set your mineral makeup?

My wheels are turning here. I like the concept of using a face mist, especially if it is one that contains some refreshing anti-oxidants that really will hydrate your skin. And heck, what’s wrong with a little pick me up to the senses with adding a nice aroma, as in lavender, which will perk you right up and calm your little stressed out self all at the same time?

Now maybe you know where I’m going… I’m totally fixated on this hydrating face spray and am thinking, hey – I can make this product so much better!

So what do you think? If you were traveling is this something you could see yourself using? Imagine a quick little spray to the face to open up your senses and hydrate that air-deprived flesh from that stale, nasty airplane air? Or perhaps a little mist at the end of the day as you gear yourself up for that gridiron traffic? I mean, come on – why clog your pores even more with all those traffic fumes coming in from your a/c vents?

I can’t quit thinking about this! So I’m curious, have you ever used a hydrating face spray? Would you ever consider using a hydrating face spray?

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