Modern Acadian or Gulf Coast Venacular?

Sunday, December 30th, 2007

I had some requests to post more photos of my sister's house, so here you go. She describes her house as 21st Century/Modern Acadian. And of course she threw in some Gulf Coast Venacular language... I'll show you around and let you decide.

You will notice throughout the house the cabinet details are shaker style.

You will also see minimalist undertones seen throughout the house. My sister was very inspired by the late Donald Judd, a minimalist artist and founder of the Chinati Foundation located in Marfa, Texas, and also the area where my sister and I grew up.

His art not only inspired her in the design of her home, but in her work as a handbag designer. She's not designed in a while, being that she had a baby pop up out of nowhere that was very unexpected.... But, she will be back soon with more styles. She's been telling me that she's been dreaming about designs lately, so I'm guessing that means she's about to explode with some new ideas. I call her a spicket artist (I just made this up - literally, just this second as I was typing this). I don't know where this stuff in my brain comes from... Anyway, a 'spicket artist' because she's like a faucet - when it's on it's just pouring out, but when it's off, not a thing comes out - not even if your dying of thirst. My point being, her spicket has been off for a while, but indications are there that it's about to turn itself back on.

Her walls are painted an illuminous white, which is the whitest white you can get. There is no color in it. The contrast to her espresso stained pine floors is very striking.

This is the library with that old Eames Chair that I really like in the corner. I know you can't tell from this picture, but tucked inside the fireplace in the right corner is a bundle of lavender from you know where ...

This is the family room. Again, shaker-styled cabinetry hides the television to the right of the fireplace.

The kitchen with soapstone counter tops. We both have soapstone in our kitchens - she just has a lot more of it ...

A better shot of the subway tile back splash. I love that!
I hope you enjoyed the tour. Next time I will post some pictures of the inspiration for my house. There are many things that my sister and I both like, but where much of her inspiration comes from the late Donald Judd, my inspiration comes from all the old historic ranches and ranch houses from the area where we grew up. Are you familiar with the movie Giant? The home in this movie was called Reata. Although it was not an actual home, only a front facade that was built on-site where the movie was filmed in Marfa, and on my good friends family's ranch. I'll talk more about that later (and do I ever have stories to tell about that...) But point being, the architecture style of Reata was quite symbolic of many structures in the area, and what I'm bringing with me into our home.
More later ....

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