I'll Be Home For Christmas & Then I'll Check Myself Into Therapy

Monday, December 10th, 2007

I'm Back! Sorry for my MIAedness. It's a busy time here at Hummingbird Farms. I sure can relate to Santa's little elves right now - working around the clock day and night checking off those lists and knowing who's been naughty or nice. We were temporarily out of lotion for bit, but finally got our new bottles silk screened and filled and have been processing orders like elves gone mad ever since.

I've also been busy visiting with my sister who is here for a quick visit and to do some Christmas shopping. She still lives in West Texas and is just as cracked as me. We're real proud of that. It must be that dry desert air we grew up in - I think it must dry out your brain cells or something.

Speaking of being half cracked, she told me about a dream she had last night involving a cracked egg. She dreamt that she had all these chickens. I'm sure it had something to do with feeling like she was visiting a zoo rather than us. Anyway, she said these chickens were laying the most beautiful little eggs. One egg was all cracked, and as she carefully picked up the egg and looked ever so carefully through the cracks she could see not one, but two little baby chicks. Not only that, but as she looked even deeper, she even saw 2 little bunnies in that egg standing next to a red and white striped car. And to make it even better, those little bunnies were wearing blue and white cheerleader outfits.

Just thought I would share that with y'all.

I'm now going to go drag myself to bed to dream of lollipops and leaping lizards or something ...

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