There are 3 big Saturday's around here every year

Friday, November 30th, 2007

There are 3 big Saturday's around here every year. That would be (1) the lavender festival, (2) Army vs. Navy football, and (3) Derby Day.




Today was Navy/Army day, and what a game! We didn't get to make this year's game, but are planning to be there next year for sure. I love watching these guys play ball. First of all, they're not your typical college football team; unlike most universities, entire scholastic purpose for being is to play ball. The young men that play football for Navy are great athletes that enjoy the sport. But, they practice football for about 1 1/2 a day during the season, compared to other univsersities that spend at least 4 hours a day practicing. For Navy, a Saturday afternoon football game is probably the easiest thing they do all week.



































































































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