Thanksgiving at Hummingbird Farms

Sunday, November 25th, 2007

Hi there! Whew.... What a week we had. A great time indeed in the near finished dining room. Before the family arrived, this is what it looked like.

Pardon the dark picture. One of these days I'll perfect my picture taking expertise...

Miss High Falutin' helps her mother with her famous sweet potatoes. Yes, Miss High Falutin' has a band aid on her chin. You should hear her tell you the story about the traumatic event that led to this near-fatal injury. When she removed the band aid I do believe I saw a small pinkish colored dot, about the size of a grape nut on her chin. I have no doubt the injury was life-threatening...

This is my 8 year old niece that is very proud of her new outfit. She just turned 8 two weeks ago. She informed us all that she is now practically a teenager ...

We finally sat down for dinner and made ourselves miserable. These are my two dark-headed little sisters sitting on the right side of the table. Okay, go ahead and say it, I know you're wondering:
Yes, I'm related to them.
Yes, I've asked myself the same question, but I know I am indeed related to them because I have my father's snout and nubs - I mean, nose and short legs.
And yes, I'm naturally blond.

And a good time was had by all!

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