If you feed them, they will come

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

Hi! I'm Bob. I'm a toddler. My Aunt Lisa drove out here from Austin to practice with her new fancy camera. She was so glad to meet me because I was kind of a surprise to everyone out here at Hummingbird Farms. If you don't know the story, you can read more about it here.

Aunt Lisa is a lot smarter than Lavender Chick. She figured out immediately how I came to be out here. Just in case you don't remember, no one knew I would be arriving. I'm told that my daddy jumped the fence to Hummingbird Farms. I guess you will do a lot of things when you're in love. I don't know anything about that yet.

Aunt Lisa snapped a picture of Lavender Chick feeding the cows on the other side of the fence. The same side of the fence where my dad lives.

She feeds them A LOT.

Aunt Lisa said, "And you've been wondering why that bull jumped the fence? Could it have anything to do with the fact you keep feeding them?"

We've all trained Lavender Chick really well out here. Not only does she feed us all the time, but she gives in to the other cows that don't even live here.

My mom says she's a real big sucker.

Whatever that means.

See how big I am? I'm hoping I grow horns like my mom. The cows across the fence are real jealous of her horns.

I like to watch my mom eat grass and stuff. When I'm big she says I will like to do this, too. That seems weird to me. I think I would rather drink milk forever.
Grownups do strange things...

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