A Bird's-eye View of Thanksgiving

Monday, November 19th, 2007

I'm getting the dining room closer to being ready for Thanksgiving. In the meantime, Jack and our Sunshine Girl are practicing for how they plan to spend the holiday.

That would be participating in the All American Sport of Spectatorball via the big screen TV. It's a great sport. After all, it's one in which you can nap while playing and then rewind so you don't miss a thing.

The DVR is, after all, the best invention since toilet paper.

On another note, I want to share with you where I will spend Saturday after Thanksgiving. If you live in the Hill Country/Austin area, come on out to Fall Creek Vineyards for Christmas at Fall Creek. You will find lots of special finds that will allow you to scratch off a whole lot from your Christmas shopping list. And more importantly, it will get you out of the house and away from that pumpkin pie ...


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