To Blog, or not to Blog?

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

An interesting question has come up on why one blogs. What's the underlying reason?

To satisfy a personal interest/hobby/need? To sell something? To promote something? To get paid for it?

Anyway - I thought I would share why I blog. First of all, I enjoy it. Most of the time. I admittedly get way too busy sometimes to keep up with it and have to give it a break. But for the most part I enjoy sharing my stories, recording my thoughts, and keeping a quasi diary of our lavender farming experience. And I LOVE reading other blogs and getting to know such a diverse group of blogging friends. I get to learn about things I never knew before, I get to see vacation pictures of places I've never been, and I get great recipes and decorating tips, and I always get a good laugh...

Before starting my blog, Jack and I were often asked our story. What made y'all decide to leave the city and move to a farm? Why lavender? How did you get involved in developing body care products? What's your background in farming? I found myself spending a great deal of time in the evenings responding to e-mail messages from people asking these questions. I also spent A LOT of time telling my friends and family about some of the crazy stories that go on around here. My life has always taken me on some pretty wild rides and I enjoy sharing my crazy experiences with my friends.

Paige used to say to me all the time, "tell me a Debi story".

So here I am telling my stories.

I suppose it could appear to some that I'm only doing this to get people to buy my stuff, but the truth is I enjoy blogging. Even if I didn't have stuff to sell, I would STILL blog. And yes, I do blog about our products because I can't help it - it is very much a part of our lives. Let me retract here - it IS our life. So you see, If I'm going to blog about life according to me and adventures at Hummingbird Farms, well it's going to include what my husband and I have been very involved in for the last 4 years: Lavender and all that that implies.

The last 4 years in the world of lavender has been exhausting, demanding, frustrating, and enjoyable all at the same time. And quite triumphant! After all, Jack and I are still married and even still like each other after all the obstacles we've had to overcome (and still overcoming).

As hectic as my life is - a demanding career (my real job), building a house, managing a farm, developing body care products, growing a business - I actually find blogging to be a sort of release. It makes me stop and think about the day, the week, the month, and realize I actually had some fun and that I have much to be grateful for and even more to look forward to. It also makes me reflect back on just how much we actually accomplished...

Okay, so I just explained myself and I think it makes me feel better, although JustabeachKat says you shouldn't have to explain yourself...

And because I have an inquiring mind, why do you blog?

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