And another one on the way ...

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Yep, that's right. We're now thinking Marsha might be preggers, too! That sorry bull - how could he? Two-timing Kathy like that! And then to find out he was telling Marsha the whole time that she was the love of his life.

You just can't trust a bull-y!

This is Marsha. So what do you think? Does she look pregnant to you? Our neighbor came over (the rancher neighbor with the bull) and said he's quite certain we're going to have another baby.

I know y'all are asking how we could possibly not know whether or not we have pregnant heifers. Well, it's simple. First of all we never intentionally bred them, and secondly, they've always been a little.... well, hefty. Even the rancher next door said, "well, you've always had such fat heifers it's kind of hard to tell"....

Enough already... We're tired of everyone telling us how fat our heifers are. We can't help it. I've told y'all before we're good eaters around here.

This was the 3 girls early this morning. They were obviously exhausted! I think this is what they were saying:

You have no idea! We had such a rough night last night... We've got to get this baby to figure out his days and nights. He was up all night!

And here's the baby...

He's thinking he'll just stay hidden in the hay for a while. He kind of likes it that way.

And here's Kathy, the proud mama. She finally stood up, but I think it was only because I was about to feed her some cubes. Otherwise, I think she was quite happy lying down for a while. Lord knows she deserved to!

We really are ecstatic about the baby, and hey - we have enough love for another one, too! You just can't help but love them all ...

That's a face only a mother could love! We realize we're dealing with a Longhorn-Angus cross; not exactly something we had ever wished for...

But we don't mind.

It's our baby and we'll just raise it to believe that he's the most special Longhorn in Texas - he looks different because he's special... Very special. His soon to be brother or sister will be, too!

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