I'd rather be old & crazy than young & dumb

Friday, September 21st, 2007

Just a few thoughts for the weekend: Regarding my weird pregnant dream, I talked to Big Mama and she thinks that we must have been trying to get to the Dairy Queen because, in her opinion, a blizzard from the Dairy Queen will fix just about any dilemma. I agree.

Regarding my story about digging potatoes with my grandfather, Sam called and reminded me of just how old I really am. Being that my mother was a very, very young bride - they did that sort of thing back in the olden days, Sami said that I am probably the age now that my Pappy was back when he was watching us dig potatoes.

After counting frontwards and backwards on my toes & fingers a few times, I realized that she was right! And now I'm just dumbfounded. Pappy was an old man my whole life. Or at least that's what I remember.

So now I'm thinking that my nieces and nephews think of me as this old lady that happens to be their aunt. Twenty years from now when they're reflecting back on childhood memories, in their minds will they think of me as their little old aunt that lived on a farm with a bunch of cats who liked to putter about in her lavender fields?

Will they be saying things like, "when I was a child I remember spending summers with old Aunt Deb, she was an eccentric and crazy old lady that had all these animals, including a pet bird that she thought had been sent to her by a higher power. Oh yes, she was a bit cracked, the crazy old thing."

Well, maybe they're right - about the eccentric & crazy part, not the old part.

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