I can't chat, I'm too busy planning for Easter

Saturday, September 8th, 2007

Just a quick check in to let y'all know that my new baby nephew is doing great! He weighs just under 7 pounds, blonde, and looks just like his daddy.

Sorry for no pictures - yet. I'll get some posted as soon as my brother-in-law gets them downloaded. I self-treated myself very well to ensure my disease wouldn't kick in which would prevent me from taking pictures. I was so incredibly organized, I even remembered to pack the cord thingy that goes from my digital camera to the computer so I could quickly download pictures, keeping y'all completely informed in a timely manner of the new arrival. Only one problem - I forgot the battery for my camera. It's still sitting in the charger at home. No worries, the always prepared brother-in-law got some snaps!

Gotta get back to Miss High Falutin'. As we speak, she's packing her suitcase to come live with me. She's decided she's no longer the baby around here, and likes the farm better anyway. Right now she's in her closet deliberating over an Easter outfit to pack. Go figure ....

Easter is an important thing to be thinking about in September.

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