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Friday, August 31st, 2007

I'm in one of those Labor Day moods to hole up at my place all weekend with Jack and do farmy stuff. Yes we have (or had) plans, but an awesome and timely thunderstorm came through which was just the perfect excuse to do what I wanted. Nothing.

I just want to be home with my husband. A slow and quiet weekend with no distractions.

Oh, wrong picture. I forgot - that's Lisa & Oliver, not Jack and me. I get us confused. A lot.

Here you go.

Yes, I just want to be home, get some long overdue chores done and get to feel organized once again. By the way - I know you're wondering what Jack is holding in the picture, being that it doesn't look a thing like Oliver's pitchfork. It's a Japanese sickle which is what is used to harvest the lavender. Which, by the way, needs harvesting AGAIN! What a strange bloom year. No complaints!
Have a great Labor Day weekend! I hope y'all get to do just exactly what you want!

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