Red, White & Tight

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

First of all, Happy 4th of July! A lot of things have been ringing through my head today about our independence. If you think about it, independence means so many things. One thing's for sure, this day never ends without me thinking about our troops, their safety, and GETTING THEM HOME!

But, something else that popped in my strange working brain today is about women's independence to wear whatever the heck we want! Today on HGTV I watched a show where two guys bought an old corset factory, refurbished it, and it is now their home. How they transformed this old dilapidated corset factory into their home was quite outstanding.

After hearing about this corset factory, I couldn't stop thinking about corsets, which got me thinking about my wedding and this funny lady I met during my wedding planning. She was the seamstress that did the alterations on my wedding dress. She was from Spain, her name escapes me, but it was a really cool Spanish name like Pilar or Amparo or something. She was just a hoot, but she didn't mean to be. Her demeanor was more of your strict, serious school headmaster type. She had a thick accent and would ask me questions, but only to be polite. I guess. She would ask me a question like, "what do you think about this length?" Regardless of my answer, she would say, "no, this is better." This went on for 5 or 6 different fittings. I don't know why she bothered to ask me anything, because she already had her mind made up on what she was going to do. No budging. So each fitting she would ask several questions, and then she would give herself her own answer. I might as well have been a mannequin missing a head.

On the last fitting, I tried on the dress and it was SO tight in the corset area I could hardly breath! As she zipped up the dress, I literally felt my liver being shoved up to my throat! I immediately said, "This is just too tight, I can't breath, in fact, it's painful!" She snipped, in her thick accent: "No, no, no. It's not too tight it looks good. I refuse to let any out". I begged, "but you just have to, I'll be miserable all night!"
She lit right into a tirade: "Do you know how many centuries women have suffered? For years women have been in pain, everyday they dressed, everyday it was painful. This dress you have, it's NOTHING, it's not tight AT ALL. These girls today, you're just all so lazy and loose. Women have suffered for centuries, YOU can be uncomfortable for a few hours. I'm NOT letting it out".
And with that, she cinched a bit tighter and said with a big smile on her face, "Now don't you look nice?" She then snapped her fingers and ordered, "take it off it's going to wrinkle. And don't gain any weight before the wedding, I'm not changing anything!"

So today I'm thankful for our independence and for our fashion freedom, too!

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