Monday, July 2nd, 2007

Okay y'all, I'll just apologize up front for boasting, but I just flat outdid myself tonight. Y'all know I have more squash than Quaker has oats. Well tonight I made the best ever fried squash!

I only wish there was a fair coming to town so they could just go ahead and give me my darn blue ribbon.

Yes, I fried the squash. Don't worry - frying organic home grown squash cancels out any unhealthy aspects of frying. You know, kind of like how it's okay to drink Diet Coke with a candy bar. I may not have retained a whole lot from school, but I completely remember being told how a negative and a positive cancels each other out. Don't you just love that!

So as my Pappy used to say, I fried the dog snot out of it. But let me tell you what I did to make it my best EVER fried squash. Being all sophisticated and stuff, and being that I am into all that's Mediterranean since I am, you know - the Lavender Queen, I added Parmesan cheese and garlic salt to the batter. YUMM-ME! Check it out.

You should have seen me having to fight off Jack long enough so I could take this picture! Now I know I'm leaving y'all salivating and wishing you were sitting right here with me at Hummingbird Farms, but that's why Mr. Gore invented the Internet - for virtual teasing!
Bon appetit!

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