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Thursday, July 19th, 2007

Okay y'all. I'm stealing an idea from Pioneer Woman. I realize I've already told a whole lot about myself.... But, I am hosting an Ask Me Anything You Want To know About Me Party. That's right! Go ahead and just ask away. All those things you've been curious about - here's your chance. I'm sure you just stew about me all day wanting to know my shoe size, my all time favorite song, my favorite mascara, etc... Just ask!

I'll compile the questions over the weekend and answer all your inquiring minds. Now if I don't get many questions, I'll just take that as - well, as that you just think this is the biggest bunch of nonsense you've ever heard.

But just in case, I'll get the party started:

How many brothers and sisters do you have?
I have 4 sisters, two whole and two halves. No brothers. Yes, my father has brought 5 chickadees into this world... Lucky man. And he actually still has a full head of hair! Yes, it's completely gray - but hey, he didn't pull it all out!

Have you always been an animal lover, or did that just start when you moved on the farm?
I've ALWAYS been an animal lover. I got my first dog when I turned 3. There's a picture of me holding my new poodle, GeeGee (my Pappy bought him for me), sitting on my new tricycle in front of my cake with 3 candles in it. My animals are my children.

Okay y'all, LET'S PARTY!!! Ask away. Your questions can be trivial, or they can they be deep.

warning: Lavender Chick has the right to refuse any questions (like how much I weigh or if I ever inhaled).

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