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Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

To get an idea of how much rain we've had this year, I wanted you to see this Pecan tree that sits in the middle of our hayfield.

It's actually a very tall tree with a very tall trunk. But the hay is so high, it's touching the branches of the tree! I know that standing in 'high cotton' is a good thing... Is there a saying about high hay? Or tall hay? Or long hay?

We've not had a chance to bail the hay due to all the rain. You have to shred when it's dry. In the meantime, our hay just keeps growing. And now, it looks like rain is on its way, again...

No complaints. It keeps Marsha in the hay and out of the lavender!

I'll check in later... I gotta go rush off to take what might be my last good bath for a while - looks like dirt baths are in the forecast!
Then I think I'll see if Jack wants to roll around in the hay ...

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