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Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

Hi everyone. I thought I would start answering some questions from my Ask Me Anything You Want To Know About Me Party.

First up is “T” at Living the Life: How did you meet Jack and was it love at first sight… for either or both?

Well T, since you’re a new reader I won’t be hurt that you missed my post a couple of months ago about Jack. It was our anniversary and I answered your very question about how we met. In a nutshell, it was a blind date, but you can read all the juicy details here.

A couple of weeks before my anniversary post about my Miracle Man, I wrote about our precious little boy, Buckaroo, and in that story I mentioned when Jack did his head over heels thing for me. It was actually Buck that sealed the deal for Jack. You can read about that here.

By the way, Buck is doing just great!!!

Next question comes from Kat at Justabeachkat: Do you have a bad habit you’re trying to break?

The answer is yes, I have several. My #1 bad habit I’m trying to break right now, only because it’s wreaking havoc on my moods, decision-making, and overall well being, is my night owl problem. My entire family has the night owl gene. I don’t have a problem being a night owl, but when you have things to do and people to see early every morning, staying up late can be a bit of a drag.

I get sleepy every night around 10:00 p.m. That’s a good thing. Problem is, I’m never ready to go to bed at 10:00. I would love to, but I’m usually still pretty deep into some kind of work at that time. You know, being a Lavender Chick is hard work. Anyway, at about 10:30, without fail, I get my second wind. Then I’m good to go for at LEAST 2 more hours, usually three.

Even if I attempt to go to bed when that second wind kicks in, I’m just destined to toss and turn and get mad… Mad at Jack, which is the other habit I’m trying to break, we'll call it Bad Habit #2. For some reason I tend to get mad at my Miracle Man when things aren’t going my way.

So, to answer your question, I have to prioritize all my bad habits. So my first priority is to get myself more organized so that when that little biological thing happens at 10:00 every night and I begin to feel sleepy, I will just get up from what I’m doing and go to sleep - thereby nipping in the bud bad habit #1.

Once bad habit #1 is broken, that will automatically break bad habit #2, which is getting mad at Jack when things aren’t going my way. And once bad habit #2 is broken, that will automatically break bad habit #3, which is drinking too much coffee – but for now, I have to hang on to bad habit #3 or I won’t be able to stay up during the day, which kicks into high gear bad habit #2 – staying mad at poor OLE’ Jack….

Okay. Now I’m so disgusted with all my bad habits I’m going to have to wait and answer the other questions later.

I have to go yell at Jack about something ….

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