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Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

For all you parents of the 2-legged type out there, I thought I would take a minute to let y’all know that things are really no different when your kids just happen to be the 4-legged or winged-type. It’s all the same.

For example, our 4-legged kids have friends that come over and play, just like your 2-legged kids. It’s normal for Jack and I to plan play dates and sleepovers for the kids. For years, Buckaroo’s best friend Pebbles would spend the night with us. Pebbles’ parents ended up moving, but Pebbles left many great memories and we keep a picture of her in our kitchen. We really miss little Pebbles, she felt like one of our own.

Buck’s two big-little brothers (big because of size, but little due to age) have a best friend named Emmy, and she regularly comes over for slumber parties. So you see, parenting is all the same, regardless of what it is you’re parenting.

We have had some concern for our child Lupe because there aren’t any bird kids in the area for her to play. However, this may change since getting this e-mail from Lisa, my friend since the 3rd grade:

Hey Debi Dawn:

Early Saturday morning I walked out of my front door just in time to see my little kitty, Busy, go flying through the air with a baby bird in her mouth. Finally got the baby away from her (she wouldn't speak to me the rest of the day). The baby is a little white wing dove. One of his toes was messed up and he had a big hole in his head shaped exactly like Busy's fang tooth.

I figured that, best case, he might live for a few hours. Anyway, I put some peroxide on his noggin and started forcing mush down his throat. Today is his fourth day, and right now he is hanging out in his cage in my courtyard happy as a lark (or dove).

I named him Kibble since he was cat food the first time I saw him.

Here comes the warning part........... I'm in town for awhile, but next time I have work travel, I'm guessing little Kibble will be looking forward to some spa time at Hummingbird Farms. You and Jack are the only people I know (besides my cousin Lori and my mom) who will feed him baby mush every two hours, make bird noises at him and tell him he's handsome and let him sit on your finger for hours at a time etc., etc.


Isn’t this great news y’all! Little Lupe is going to be so happy that she gets to have a slumber party like all the other kids. She’s felt a little neglected. You know, it just makes you happy when your child has a new friend. You always want the best for them…

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