Genoa City comes to Hooterville

Saturday, June 16th, 2007

Guess who I met today? Does she look familiar to anyone? That's her on the left, it’s me on the right.

How many Young & the Restless fans are out there? Do you remember Carol? She was Jack Abbott’s secretary. You know Jack, the millionaire mogul of Jabot Cosmetics – he was the CEO before that nasty takeover initiated by Victor Newman. What a worm.

Well, Carol – I mean Chris Templeton, just happens to like lavender and she and her sweet little dog and some other chickies stopped by today. It was such a treat. They were all having a good ole hill country time just enjoying a leisurely day. Of course I wanted to just gab for hours, but they had a schedule and better things to do.

I was hoping she might have some helpful hints for me in running what will be my lavender cosmetics empire. You know, she had to have picked up some best practices after working so long with Jabot Cosmetics. She was right there in the thick of it for years, with mergers, sell-outs, takeovers. I’ll just have to pick her brain another day.

Seriously, it was great having her out, she looks fantastic. She’s a wonderful person and has been an outstanding activist for disability rights. In addition to her sweet little 14-month old golden retriever, she was also in the company of some real nice chicks.

Her friend Michelle Hart was with her who started Hartwork, a cancer alternatives network. She left me a brochure which I found very interesting. Their focus is an integrative approach to cancer combining education, discussion, and exposure to both mainstream & alternative treatments.

Michelle also educated me on Meditherm, which is new digital integrated thermal imaging (DITI), rather than mammography for younger women with denser breasts. Listen girls, if you are young and have a family history of breast cancer, you should seek this out. I’m a breast cancer survivor myself, so I’m INSISTING that you watch yourself closely. Dense breasts can be a booger bear when it comes to detection.

It was a fun day today; you just never know who is going to cross your path. I’ve always been one that believes every person you meet is for a reason, and that there really is something to the 6 degrees of separation. You know, we really do all know Kevin Bacon, we just don’t know it.

Regarding Kevin Bacon and the likes, I will have to write a story someday about all my brushes with fame. Don’t ask me how, but I have been in more strange situations that have led to being in the company of celebrities without ever even trying. Most of the time, it’s been after the fact when I've realized whose company I was even entertaining.

I’m telling y’all, I’ve had more experience by happenstance than anyone you have ever known.

Here’s something to ponder until I muster up the energy to write up a story on all the celeb interchanges I have encountered. Again, I never intended for it to happen, it just did. These are some STARS that I have personally interacted with, some even gone to dinner with (one I stayed in their home), and most of the time I didn’t even have a clue who they were. Here they are:

Kevin Costner
Joni Mitchell
Jud Nelson
Sam Shepard
Naomi Judd

Okay now that I’ve got you intrigued, I’m going to just let y’all hang on that for a while. Seriously, I have to figure out how I could write a short story about this without it turning in to a 40 page post. I’ll get it done, but give me some time here. I guess you’re learning that I can ramble for hours – it’s the gift of gab, and I know I need to cut it off at some point, hence, the reason I won’t be writing about all my brushes with fame today. They are some outrageous stories, and if you didn’t know me, you would probably think it’s a work of fiction – but, it’s NOT. God has a sense of humor, and He sure loves playing games with me.

We’ll chat again soon. Have a great rest of the weekend!

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